Grappa di Manzoni Bianco 2015


Pure and crystalline character.

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Pomace: Manzoni Bianco from the Costalunga vineyard in Cavaso del Tomba (TV).

Visual sensation: crystal clear.

Olfactory sensation: intense notes of gardenia, white melon, balsamic puffs recalling the fresh laurel and cedar pulp. The Rhine grape variety leads to a light smoky note.

Gustatory sensation: dry but not sharp, savoury and with an extraordinary thirst-quenching note. Hints of almond and aromatic plants. Long and persistent.

Master Gianni Capovilla’s personal interpretation makes this Manzoni Bianco distillate a unique in its kind. The essence of Manzoni Bianco grape is also concentrated in the skin, and it was just right to allow this grape variety to fully express itself also in the form of Grappa. A limited number of 400 hundred bottles make this product truly exclusive. Manzoni Bianco has made such a significant mark on our Cirotto winery that we have chosen to enhance it in all its possible expressions, since its organoleptic characteristics place it among the best white grapes in the world.