The identity of a wine is what makes viticulture strong. The identity of a grape variety is given by the territory in which it grows. The local grape variety of the Asolo hills, such as Glera and Manzoni Bianco are unique and have no competitors in their kind. They represent our culture, our history and are a precious heritage on which to build our future.


We strongly believe in the value of these autochthnous grape varieties. We invest great effort in them every day with the enthusiasm and intuition of those who deeply love their profession. Cantina Cirotto was founded in the splendid and historic setting of Asolo, a medieval town, today a “Wine City”, and the last hillside area before the Dolomites. Recognized among the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy”, Asolo, the “City of a Hundred Horizons” as the poet Giosuè Carducci wrote in his famous verses, it is a true heritage of history, art and culture.


A history of inherited passion has passed down through 3 generations of the family: Giovanni has been able to give continuity to the activity started in 1949 by his father Leandro, founder and historical memory of the winery. The year 2000 marked an important turning point: Cantina Cirotto acquired the first hectares of property and began the complete management of the production chain: the grandchildren Monica and Gilberto, bring fresh energy and innovation to the family business and have now taken on the task of taking up the legacy of an area with a historical wine-making vocation such as Montello and the Asolo hills. Francesco, Monica’s husband, plays a relevant role: through his dedication and intuitions, in the cellar are developed wines full of character bearing his imprint.  The new generation is animated by the spirit of innovation and research and by the determination to enhance the value of ancient autochthonous grape varieties.


In every bottle of ASOLO Prosecco Superiore Cirotto you will find the story of a family that has been cultivating vines on the hills of Asolo since 1949 and the story of a territory that is as generous as it is difficult to work because of the conformation of its hills. Each ASOLO Prosecco Superiore Cirotto from our production has its own unique identity, given by the choice to characterize the various versions of Prosecco Superiore according to the type of terroir they originate from. This choice comes from the awareness that Glera, the grape variety which gives birth to Prosecco Superiore, is extremely sensitive to variations in soil and microclimate.


We tend our vines with the knowledge that great wines are born in the vineyard and not in the cellar. The favourable and well-exposed position of our vineyards located on the hills of Asolo, Monfumo, Castelcucco, Cavaso del Tomba and Borso del Grappa at an average altitude ranging from 200 to 400 mt. above sea level, is the ideal habitat to obtain a “first choice of grapes”.


In the vineyard, we begin the characterization of the style by practising, notwithstanding any adverse growing condition, a low yield per hectare and a hand-harvest of the grapes, to ensure that only fully ripe bunches are selected for the pressing. The excellence obtained in the vineyard, must also be preserved during the transportation of the grapes to our cellar, which is carried out exclusively by means of perforated boxes weighing 15 kilograms each.

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