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Thehills of Asolo are one of the smallest wine-growing areas in Italy: here the privileged microclimate compensates this lack of extension with the high quality of its wines. Here, the soil characteristics are ideal for the cultivation of Prosecco Asolo Docg, made from Glera grapes, a well-known autochthonous white grape variety that has inhabited these hills since the times of the Serenissima Republic of Venice. Bianchetta, Perera, Rabbiosa, Verdiso and Glera lunga are other autochthonous varieties that have historically grown on these hills and can be used to produce ASOLO DOCG SUPERIORE.


This sparkling wine comes from high hillside vineyards and expresses to the full the identity and finesse of its production area. The mineral component is the soul of this wine and gives a great sensation of length on the palate, the natural sapidity of the clayey soil of marine origin is marked through the whole tasting progression, while the wide aromatic range comes from the strong night and day temperatures excursions typical of the hillside vineyards.

manzoni bianco uva cirotto


Manzoni Bianco is an autochthonous white grape clone of great aromatic complexity; when grown on high hills vineyards it produces a surprising and unique wine that is unrivalled in the panorama of aromatic whites. Here in Asolo this grape has found an ideal microclimate and soil to develop olfactory characteristics and taste structure never reached before. COSTALUNGA and SOGNO DOSAGGIO ZERO are the fruit of our work with the Manzoni Bianco grape variety.


An elegant and refined interpretation of Manzoni Bianco. This wine is produced exclusively from grapes grown on the Costalunga vineyard, located in the splendid high hill village of Costalunga, at the foot of “Monte Grappa”, the popular scene of battles during the First World War, which has been declared by the Italian government “sacred and immortal to the Fatherland”. This wine has a bright yellow colour which reminds the summer sun. It is a long-lived wine that can age well for several years thanks to its richness in aromatic precursors, its freshness and the integrity of taste.


The classic method of Manzoni Bianco has shaken the classic production logics contemplated for the vinification of this grape variety since the 1930s and led to start a local production of high-quality classic method wines. This ambitious project began in August 2008 when Francesco, after tasting some Manzoni Bianco berries in the days leading up to the harvest, noticed an unusual balance of acidity and freshness. It was at that very moment that he began to consider how an unconventional classic method could really contribute to fully enhancing the organoleptic characteristics of this extraordinary grape variety. If truth be told, until that day, no one before had ever come up with such a unique idea to give birth to a Classic Method sparkling wine with the Manzoni Bianco grapes. Since then, several vintages have been produced that have immediately received national and international recognition from the most prestigious guides in the sector.


Master Gianni Capovilla‘s personal interpretation, makes this Manzoni Bianco distillate unique of its kind. The essence of Manzoni Bianco is also concentrated in the skin, and we felt it was important to allow this grape variety to fully express itself in another new form:the Grappa. Four hundred numbered bottles make this product an exclusive edition. Manzoni Bianco has made such a significant mark on our Cirotto winery that we have chosen to enhance it in all its possible expressions, since its organoleptic characteristics place it among the best white grapes in the world.


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