extra dry cuvee cirotto



Typology: Martinotti Method (secondary fermentation in autoclave).
Vineyards: high hills of Asolo.
Altitude: between 200 from 250 meters above sea level.
Grapes: Glera 100%.
Vinification: the grapes are selected and harvested by hand, pressed in a conditioned environment and subsequent fermentation of the must in steel.
Sparkling process: slow refermentation in autoclave for 40 days and subsequent bottling.
Dosage: 16 gr / lt (Extra Dry).

Visual sensation: splendid straw yellow with green reflections, small and persistent bubbles rise from the glass.

Olfactory sensation: subtle and multifaceted aromatic profile articulated in delicate fruity notes. A slight minerality is the background to a beautiful softness.

Gustatory sensation: pleasant balance. The taste is delicate and enveloping, accompanied by fruity notes. In the glass it indulges with sweet floral and mineral notes.

The variability of the vineyards of origin make it a markedly lively and cheerful Asolo Docg Superiore. A fruity softness is the main element that follows the mineral freshness and fruitiness typical of Asolo Docg Superiore from high hills.

Try it with: canapés with Alpine creamy butter from Monte Grappa.

Serving temperature: 8 ° C.