Type: Classic Method.
Vineyard: Costalunga in Cavaso del Tomba.
Altitudine: 320 mt above sea level.
Grapes: Manzoni Bianco 100%.
Vinification: the grapes are harvested by hand and pressed in a conditioned environment, then the wine ferments and rests in steel prior to Tirage.
Maturation: 48 months on the lees.
Dosage at disgorgement: Non-dosè.

Visual sensation: crystalline, splendid straw yellow with green reflections, persistent and very fine effervescence.

Olfactory sensation: intense mineral and citrus notes alternate with hints of toasted almonds and Mediterranean spices. Fruity notes of yellow peach and candied fruit follow.

Gustatory sensation: extremely elegant and persistent. The acidic-savory backbone is the soul of the whole tasting, long and wide on the palate, it relaxes with both fresh and candied fruity notes. In the elegant aftertaste notes of zabaglione and licorice close the kaleidoscope of flavors of this singular Classic Method.

A Dream in all respects. Unconventional by nature and innovative by choice, this Classic Method gives justice to the grape variety and the vineyard of origin. The decision to produce it without dosage is dictated by the desire not to interfere with the seasons, free to express a different and unique nuance each year, because our SOGNO zero dosage is unique in its kind.

Try it with: “Baccalà” codfish with polenta, baked St. Pierre fish, knife-cut steak tartare.

Serving temperature: 8 ° C.